Castle & Twin


We are extremely happy to team up with Castle & Key Distillery to bring you something super special this week. They provided the whiskey barrels, we provided the beer. We put our heads together to figure out the adjuncts for this bourbon barrel aged pastry stout. We brewed a big pastry stout and let it sit in rye whiskey barrels for over a year to let pick up all of the delicious barrel flavors. We decided together to add Nate's Coffee blue & white roast, ancho chilis, and a touch of all spice. The appearance is midnight black with a huge aroma of fresh brewed coffee, with whisps of whiskey and spice. There is a big chocolatey coffee forward punch up front with a nice touch of ancho smokiness, a little heat, and a nice bouquet of flavors from the all spice. The thick sweet body hides the 11% abv very well. This is a small run, its only available in our taproom on draft and in cans. Come out and enjoy what we have put together for you!