Rotational Beers

Below is a list of beers repeatedly on rotation. Please remember our list is constantly changing so check back often.
Experimental & Rotating



Stout | 5.5% ABV

Dry Irish stout

Birthday Cake Chernobly

Stout | 12.4% ABV

Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla bean and cake batter

Cowabunga Dude!!

Stout | 5.6% ABV

A dark, roasty, stout where we add lactose sugar to bring creamy mouthfeel to this chocolaty malt beverage. Medium bitter to balance out the roasty malt flavor.

Macadamia Nut Fudge Chernobly

Stout | 12.4% ABV

Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with toasted macadamia nuts and cocoa nibs

Toasted Coconut and Coldbrew Chernobly

Stout | 12.4% ABV

Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with toasted coconut and cold brew

You, Me, and Mr.PB

Stout | 5.6% ABV

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout

India Pale Ale


India Pale Ale | 7.5% ABV

A Twin to our Mos Def IPA, we changed the hops around to citra in this brew. Citra adds more orange and lemon flavor while keeping the same aspects of the Original. While it comes in at 74 IBUs, the bitterness is not overwhelming. Flavors of stone fruit and citrus shine through. This is the perfect IPA for Hop Heads and those trying to get a taste for this beer style.

Cold Runnings

India Pale Ale | 6.0% ABV

Clean and crispy just like the last iteration. Last time we used citra hops but this time chose to showcase mosaic hops. The light and crispy background lets the true flavors of mosaic shine through.

Mos Def

India Pale Ale | 7.5% ABV

This is a fantastic IPA that utilizes the fruity and citrus wonder of mosaic hops. Although, generally hard to get, we made sure we got our hands on these hops to make this beer. While it comes in at 74 IBUs, the bitterness is not overwhelming. Flavors of stone fruit and citrus shine through, balanced by small amounts of caramel malt. This is the perfect IPA for Hop Heads and those trying to get a taste for this beer style.

Rice Rice Baby

India Pale Ale | 7.0% ABV

What do you get when your favorite brewery collabs with your favorite sake joint? Hint: we provided the hops.... they provided the rice... We bring to you a very limited run of RICE RICE BABY (dun dun dun duh da dun dun). The rice makes up a significant portion of the fermentables in this IPA, leaving it dry and crisp. This is, as the kids say, a crispy boi. Light and dry with a good hop bitterness. The galaxy hops make this "other worldly". Get your hands or tentacles on this before it's gone because it is sure to be a quick seller.

The Oregon Pale

India Pale Ale | 5.9% ABV

Pale ale with Citra and Simcoe hops

Brown Ale

D's Nutty Brown Ale

Brown Ale | 5.5% ABV

True to the name, this beer has a slight nutty flavor and a fuller body. It has hints of caramel and chocolate but finishes clean. The german noble hops balance the sweetness to make this an incredibly drinkable beer. Have one or five, we suggest the latter.


Grindstone Pilsner

Pilsner | 5.5% ABV

Back in time for warm weather and patio crushers. Our seasonal Pils is back, cleaner and more crisp than ever.


Hazy But Lazy

NEIPA | 6.7% ABV

A delicious creamy mouth feel made with the combination of Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops creating a super juicy NEIPA. ⁣This is sure to please the haze peeps!

Owner of a Hazy Heart

NEIPA | 8.5% ABV

This beer is suuuuper smooth and flavorful. A beautiful bright golden haze and a pillowy mouthfeel let these allstar /fan favorite hops shine. You get all the fruity notes including peach, passionfruit, and loads of citrus. 8.5% ABV will be a surprise as this just tastes like a glass of juice! Pop quiz... who sing "owner of a lonely heart"? If you know you get a golden star for the day!

Turnin' Heads

NEIPA | 7.0% ABV

When referring to a NEIPA as a "juice bomb", that begins to describe this beer. This is sssuuuper smooth thanks to the addition of extra oats. Using spectrum and cryo hop products eliminates any vegetal flavor that regular hops may add. You could sub out your morning juice with this and have a better start to your day.⁣


La Tortuga

Lager | 5.5% ABV

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo - this dark mexican lager is back and the best batch we have made so far. Despite the "dark" in the name this is more of an amber, drinks light and crushable. This is crispy and thirst quenching, as well as sessionable. Having tacos? Enchiladas? Burrito? Nachos? Chalupas? Maybe a Doritos® Cheesy Gordita Crunch? This will be what you want to wash it down!⁣

Pale Ale

Pinky and the Grain

Pale Ale | 5.0% ABV

This beer is the brain child of our newest brewer, Stephanie, and is made to highlight the Kentucky chapter of the Pink Boots Society. The pale ale plays off of our Oregon Pale in its light and drinkable, yet slightly hop forward nature. While Oregon Pale uses citra and simcoe hops allowing for a bit of dank flavor to come through, this sultana hopped pale ale showcases pineapple and fruitiness. The bitterness on this is similar to Oregon Pale, if not, a slight bit more prevalent. Coming in at 5% ABV, this beer is definitely going to be your Spring go to. Come support Stephanie and share the good word about the Kentucky chapter of the Pink Boots Society.

Red Ale

Red Blooded American

Red Ale | 6.0% ABV

This medium bodied, delicious ale makes you want to yell out 'merica. It has a beautiful red color with just enough hop bitterness to play perfectly with the malty goodness. This is a great beer for people who are ready to graduate from a blonde ale, and get into more serious brews.

Wild Ale

Rickety Cricket

Wild Ale | 

Wild ale brewed with black tea


Scorched Orchard Volume 5

Cider | 6.0% ABV

Mimosa cider brewed with passionfruit and kiwi

Blonde Ale

Smashing Papayas

Blonde Ale | 5.5% ABV

A groovy and fun beverage here just in-time to help you enjoy the sun! This time around we have an infusion of papaya, orange, lime, pineapple, and agave nectar to assemble a balance of tropical sweet flavors with a citrusy twist. All coming together on a light, yet smoothie-esque body and with a fragrantly fruity nose.

White Girl Wasted

Blonde Ale | 4.5% ABV

This is a light and refreshing ale that is easy to drink and easy to enjoy. We use two different malts to give this blonde ale a bit of color and a slight sweetness. We also use a unique method of adding the hops, which mellows the bitterness and makes the beer smoother to drink. Have a few, and see where the night goes.


Whatever You Want

Witbier | 5.4% ABV

This wheat ale, fermented with a belgian witbier yeast, has a fruity and spicy flavor that matches well with the german noble hops. It’s slightly cloudy, as a good witbier should be, with a slight orange hughe. You can drink this on its own, or have one of our bartenders add a locally sourced juice to create a refreshing shandy. Not a beer drinker? Give this beer a try and see if we can't convert you, or at least turn this into one of your favorites.


Wheezing the Juice

Sour | 7.0% ABV

A sour with tangerine, blood orange, lactose, and vanilla. Bright, citrus forward, sweet and sour and refreshing for patio weather.