Rotational Beers

Below is a list of beers repeatedly on rotation. Please remember our list is constantly changing so check back often.
Experimental & Rotating


Super Cereal Saturdays: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Stout | 8.3% ABV

This month's Super Cereal Saturday is a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bar pastry stout

I Knew You Were Truffle When You Walked In

Stout | 8.8% ABV

Its that time of year for our pastry stouts to make their frequent returns! This huge chocolate base beer gets dosed with a substantial amount of cacao nibs and then gets just the right amount of raspberry. We knew it needed just a little something else and What you are left with is a confectionery dessert beer that's packed with flavor.

Kitten Mittons

Stout | 6.0% ABV

Our classic porter returns! A medium bodied beer with a malt forward aroma and taste. Slight chocolate notes and hints roasted grains shine. Not too sweet and not too bitter, this is a very balanced beer. We teamed up with The Working Cat Project this year. ⁣

The WCP is dedicated to giving feral cats a second chance at life. Through spay/neuter and relocation to safe barn homes across the bluegrass. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will go directly to help them. Come grab a pint and a 4 pack for for a good cause!⁣


Stout | 6.0% ABV

This beer uses our base porter (Kitten Mittons), but has the addition of cinnamon and vanilla. The cinnamon is prevalent, but not overpowering and the vanilla adds just the right amount of sweetness. ⁣

This beer wont come off with a pastry vibe but more of a baking/confectionery feel. Winter is coming, these will keep you warm, purchase them for survival.⁣

Cowabunga Dude!!

Stout | 5.6% ABV

A dark, roasty, stout where we add lactose sugar to bring creamy mouthfeel to this chocolaty malt beverage. Medium bitter to balance out the roasty malt flavor.

You, Me, and Mr.PB

Stout | 5.6% ABV

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout


The Shaded Abbey

Belgian | 9.3% ABV

Belgian chocolate quad


Double Trippin Froots

NEIPA | 8.5% ABV

Trippin Roots is playing tonight so naturally we wanted to make their collab beer again! we have done a single and a triple version of Trippin Froots but not a double. This will not leave you wanting for anything! Our smooth and flavorful double NEIPA base gets a fruit addition from each band member (mango, pineapple, tangerine, and lime). Flavorful but not overpowering, sweet but not too sweet, citrus forward but not too much, and a hefty ABV of 8.5 that is hidden extremely well! Come down to National Avenue, listen to a kick ass band, drink some kick ass beer, and have a kick ass time!

Lil Galaxy Monster

NEIPA | 5.5% ABV

The series you know and love with a crowd favorite in the hop category. This new england pale ale comes in at 5.5% ABV and has a lighter body than our regular monster series, making it more sessionable! Galaxy has always been one of our favorite hops and is also enjoyed by the masses. Offering up loads of tropical citrus notes draw you in and have you asking for a 2nd round.

Hazy But Lazy

NEIPA | 6.7% ABV

A delicious creamy mouth feel made with the combination of Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops creating a super juicy NEIPA. ⁣This is sure to please the haze peeps!

Brown Ale

Just Being Cordial

Brown Ale | 5.5% ABV

A real treat for anyone who loves the flavors of Christmas themed desserts. This Monday we will feature our house brown ale infused with cherry cordial dessert. Think delicious cherry creme, sweet vanilla cookies, and indulgent chocolate fudge. The brown ale base has a component of toasted bread that compliments the profile of the cherry cordial while simultaneously being a great vessel to showcase all of its natural flavors without overpowering them. A pint of this will draw you in with its enticingly sweet aroma immediately followed-up by the smooth taste of chocolate, cherries, and vanilla. If this description gets you hype for holiday treats, you'll not want to miss out on this one!

D's Nutty Brown Ale

Brown Ale | 5.5% ABV

True to the name, this beer has a slight nutty flavor and a fuller body. It has hints of caramel and chocolate but finishes clean. The german noble hops balance the sweetness to make this an incredibly drinkable beer. Have one or five, we suggest the latter.


Double Mack'n on Your Haze


In tribute our friend Jeremy Mack we make a NEIPA called Mack'N On Your Haze. To celebrate his life, this year we decided to go over the top and make a double version. The ABV gets bumped to 8.6% and the dry hop amount is unabashedly large. Half citra and half galaxy hops give you a tropical juice punch right to the face. Smooth and silky body help this brew go down smoothly. Come celebrate with us this weekend and take a 4 pack home with you!



Lager | 4.8% ABV

In collaboration with the band "Family Dog"

Back to the basics with this clean, easy drinking, American light Amber lager. Light bodied, sessionable, quaffable, drinkable, crushable... you get the idea. Pick up these festive cans while they last.

Blonde Ale

Lethal Weapon 6

Blonde Ale | 6.5% ABV

It's that time of year again, time to switch the AC to heat and time to change your go to beer from lawnmower accessory to fire pit necessity. Lethal Weapon 6 is back, you know the drill. Looks like a blonde feels like a stout. The coffee and chocolate make this the perfect fall beer (sorry not sorry oktoberfest).

White Girl Wasted

Blonde Ale | 4.5% ABV

This is a light and refreshing ale that is easy to drink and easy to enjoy. We use two different malts to give this blonde ale a bit of color and a slight sweetness. We also use a unique method of adding the hops, which mellows the bitterness and makes the beer smoother to drink. Have a few, and see where the night goes.

India Pale Ale


India Pale Ale | 7.5% ABV

A Twin to our Mos Def IPA, we changed the hops around to citra in this brew. Citra adds more orange and lemon flavor while keeping the same aspects of the Original. While it comes in at 74 IBUs, the bitterness is not overwhelming. Flavors of stone fruit and citrus shine through. This is the perfect IPA for Hop Heads and those trying to get a taste for this beer style.

Mos Def

India Pale Ale | 7.5% ABV

This is a fantastic IPA that utilizes the fruity and citrus wonder of mosaic hops. Although, generally hard to get, we made sure we got our hands on these hops to make this beer. While it comes in at 74 IBUs, the bitterness is not overwhelming. Flavors of stone fruit and citrus shine through, balanced by small amounts of caramel malt. This is the perfect IPA for Hop Heads and those trying to get a taste for this beer style.

The Oregon Pale

India Pale Ale | 5.9% ABV

Pale ale with Citra and Simcoe hops

Red Ale

Red Blooded American

Red Ale | 6.0% ABV

This medium bodied, delicious ale makes you want to yell out 'merica. It has a beautiful red color with just enough hop bitterness to play perfectly with the malty goodness. This is a great beer for people who are ready to graduate from a blonde ale, and get into more serious brews.


Scorched Orchard Volume 3

Cider | 6.0% ABV

Mimosa cider brewed with blueberry and rhubarb


Whatever You Want

Witbier | 5.4% ABV

This wheat ale, fermented with a belgian witbier yeast, has a fruity and spicy flavor that matches well with the german noble hops. It’s slightly cloudy, as a good witbier should be, with a slight orange hughe. You can drink this on its own, or have one of our bartenders add a locally sourced juice to create a refreshing shandy. Not a beer drinker? Give this beer a try and see if we can't convert you, or at least turn this into one of your favorites.


Wheezing the Juice

Sour | 7.0% ABV

A sour with tangerine, blood orange, lactose, and vanilla. Bright, citrus forward, sweet and sour and refreshing for patio weather.