Rotational Beers

Below is a list of beers repeatedly on rotation. Please remember our list is constantly changing so check back often.
Experimental & Rotating


I Am Not a Robot

NEIPA | 7.0% ABV

New to the lineup is I Am Not A Robot. We took our monster series recipe and whirlpooled a little bit of citra hops to add a touch of balancing bitterness to offset some sweetness. We double dry hopped with a hop we havent used before, Motueka. These hops come from New Zealand and are know for their citrus and stonefruit flavors. This NEIPA is pungent in aroma and flavor with notes of lime, lemon, stonefruits, and a bit of a floral quality. Click the right boxes so we know you are not a robot!

Double Hazy But Lazy

NEIPA | 8.3% ABV

Coming back for a limited time is Double Hazy But Lazy. We double the amount of oats in this recipe giving it a much more smooth creamy mouthfeel. The hops are added in abundance but the variety remain the same, giving you the classic hazy but lazy flavor profile but amplified. Coming in at 8.3%ABV this one packs a little punch, but you wouldn't know it by the smooth tropical citrus flavor bomb.


NEIPA | 7.0% ABV

Snickerdoodle NEIPA with brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla

Hazy But Lazy

NEIPA | 6.7% ABV

A delicious creamy mouth feel made with the combination of Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops creating a super juicy NEIPA. ⁣This is sure to please the haze peeps!

I Love It When You Call Me Big Papaya

NEIPA | 6.5% ABV

NEIPA with pink guava and scotch bonnet peppers

Lil Citra Monster

NEIPA | 5.5% ABV

Back in time for the heat is your favorite sessionable hazy! Coming in at 5.5% abv with slightly less body makes this a perfect crusher to beat the heat in style. As always citra hops do what they do, providing bright notes of citrus fruit with a slight hint of dankness.

Why Did The Hipster Burn His Mouth?

NEIPA | 6.2% ABV

(He Ate Marshmallows Before They Were Cool!) Neipa with strawberry, pineapple, and marshmallow

Pale Ale

Bold and Gold

Pale Ale | 5.0% ABV

A pairing of pale ale with the sweet and mildly tart flavor of golden berries. The base beer is light and has a nice element of tropic/pineapple flavor and aroma exhibited by the Sultana hops. The Golden berries adds a slight golden hue to the visual and its naturally sweet flavor compliments the hop profile to make this one a unique try.

Blonde Ale

Strawberry Bezos

Blonde Ale | 5.4% ABV

A delicious variant of our flagship wheat ale featuring the infused flavors of strawberry, lemonade, and fresh basil. The strawberry gives the beer a refreshingly sweet flavor all while lending a blush pink hue to the body, a twist of citrus from the lemonade as the perfect compliment to the fruit, and basil to add an earthy, herbaceous component to tie it all together.

White Girl Wasted

Blonde Ale | 4.5% ABV

This is a light and refreshing ale that is easy to drink and easy to enjoy. We use two different malts to give this blonde ale a bit of color and a slight sweetness. We also use a unique method of adding the hops, which mellows the bitterness and makes the beer smoother to drink. Have a few, and see where the night goes.


A Haze By Any Other Name

Sour | 6.2% ABV

Sour NEIPA with blood orange and hibiscus

Wheezing the Juice

Sour | 7.0% ABV

A sour with tangerine, blood orange, lactose, and vanilla. Bright, citrus forward, sweet and sour and refreshing for patio weather.

India Pale Ale


India Pale Ale | 7.5% ABV

A Twin to our Mos Def IPA, we changed the hops around to citra in this brew. Citra adds more orange and lemon flavor while keeping the same aspects of the Original. While it comes in at 74 IBUs, the bitterness is not overwhelming. Flavors of stone fruit and citrus shine through. This is the perfect IPA for Hop Heads and those trying to get a taste for this beer style.

Mos Def

India Pale Ale | 7.5% ABV

This is a fantastic IPA that utilizes the fruity and citrus wonder of mosaic hops. Although, generally hard to get, we made sure we got our hands on these hops to make this beer. While it comes in at 74 IBUs, the bitterness is not overwhelming. Flavors of stone fruit and citrus shine through, balanced by small amounts of caramel malt. This is the perfect IPA for Hop Heads and those trying to get a taste for this beer style.

The Oregon Pale

India Pale Ale | 5.9% ABV

Pale ale with Citra and Simcoe hops


Cowabunga Dude!!

Stout | 5.6% ABV

A dark, roasty, stout where we add lactose sugar to bring creamy mouthfeel to this chocolaty malt beverage. Medium bitter to balance out the roasty malt flavor.

You, Me, and Mr.PB

Stout | 5.6% ABV

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Brown Ale

D's Nutty Brown Ale

Brown Ale | 5.5% ABV

True to the name, this beer has a slight nutty flavor and a fuller body. It has hints of caramel and chocolate but finishes clean. The german noble hops balance the sweetness to make this an incredibly drinkable beer. Have one or five, we suggest the latter.


Grindstone Pilsner

Pilsner | 5.5% ABV

Back in time for warm weather and patio crushers. Our seasonal Pils is back, cleaner and more crisp than ever.

Slim Shandy

Pilsner | 5.3% ABV

Has it been too hot outside? Yes! Is this beer light, crisp and refreshing? Also Yes! Should you come get some ASAP? We think so! Using our Grindstone Pilsner as the base for this we gave it a nice summer citrus twist. Lemon, lime, and cold pressed ginger gives this beer a brightness that will draw you back for more, the dryness of this will make it sessionable Grab a can to help cool you down after mowing or hiking.

Red Ale

Red Blooded American

Red Ale | 6.0% ABV

This medium bodied, delicious ale makes you want to yell out 'merica. It has a beautiful red color with just enough hop bitterness to play perfectly with the malty goodness. This is a great beer for people who are ready to graduate from a blonde ale, and get into more serious brews.


Scorched Orchard Volume 7

Cider | 6.0% ABV

Mimosa cider brewed with mango and peach

Milkshake IPA

Violet Beeregarde

Milkshake IPA | 6.3% ABV

Milkshake NEIPA with blueberry, lemon, lactose, and vanilla


Whatever You Want

Witbier | 5.4% ABV

This wheat ale, fermented with a belgian witbier yeast, has a fruity and spicy flavor that matches well with the german noble hops. It’s slightly cloudy, as a good witbier should be, with a slight orange hughe. You can drink this on its own, or have one of our bartenders add a locally sourced juice to create a refreshing shandy. Not a beer drinker? Give this beer a try and see if we can't convert you, or at least turn this into one of your favorites.