Welcome to Mirror Twin!

More than likely you came here to check out our beer (peep our current tap list and can selections under “Beer”). That’s our main line of biz, but we dabble in a few other things, too.

Our Lexington location sits on one property, but we have two ridiculously awesome taprooms in two separate buildings side-by-side. They both differ from each other where one offers the traditional taproom experience of a brewery while the other tenders to a different vibe geared towards a lounge type vibe. Here’s a quick rundown of them:

Latest Can Release
Just Dropped
Strawberry Margarita Wheezing the Juice
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Since day one of operations, we’ve had a relationship with Rolling Oven Pizzeria. We met on Tinder and the rest was history. They are a separate business specializing in slinging the best damn wood fired pizza, wings, sandwiches, fat sticks, salads and more. They have three wood fired ovens on site between both buildings.