Mixtape Vol. 2


We teamed up with our BFF's at Blue Stallion to bring you this flavorful crusher. SURPRISE... its a lager... DOUBLE SURPRISE its a bit hoppy. Mixtape Series Vol. 2 has all the feels of a lager but with the vibe of an IPA. It will appear as a light straw yellow with a slight haze as it has not been filtered. The oats add a little more mouthfeel than a typical traditional lager while still maintaining a light body. The hop profile adds a subtle medley of sweet fruit flavors and aromas that are balanced by citrus forward notes of grapefruit. This beer maintains a nice level of bitterness to balance the citrus, lending slight grassy/herbal notes to the nose and providing a dry finish.

We know a crispy boi is what you need this weekend and Mirror Twin/ Blue Stallion has brought you just that!