Our Story

We started out home brewing, and after Head Brewer Derek DeFranco discovered his passion, he decided to make his dream a reality. After brewing professionally for almost two years, Mirror Twin Brewing became that reality. Our most asked question is what does Mirror Twin mean? Our Head Brewer Derek is an identical twin, but he is right handed and his brother left, making them the mirror image of each other. That is essence of a Mirror Twin, and the inspiration for our name and branding.

Twin Draft System

We have always loved the concept of Mirror Twins, so we decided to use it with how we make some of the beers. We “twin” a few of our more popular recipes, where we brew both beers with the exact same recipe, but change just one ingredient. Just like a Mirror Twin, they are identical, with one major difference.

Rolling Oven Pizzeria

We have entered into a wonderful partnership with Rolling Oven Pizza. Rolling Oven started with a food truck, serving amazing brick oven pizza around the city of Lexington. After meeting Nick Ring, the owner of Rolling Oven, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Now, Rolling Oven has a brick and mortar location inside our taproom. You can order a beer, scoot down the bar, and order a gourmet pizza. There is no better combination than pizza and beer (and yes donuts and coffee, we're looking at you).